What awards did John Keats win?

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John Keats, who died tragically young at the age of 26, is now regarded as one of the finest of the Romantic poets. Like other Romantics, he was not famous or even particularly well known in his lifetime; nor did he win any awards. However he did publish a number of works that won the respect and praise of various fellow poets and literary critics. He wrote a total of 150 poems, including sonnets and some longer works such as "Endymion," which was a failure when it first appeared in 1818, but is now thought to be one of his finest works. Nearly all of his writing was published within the three years before his death of tuberculosis. This was a not uncommon disease in the late 19th century in England; and Keats was in frail health in his youth, as well as being poor. He was ordered by his doctor to live temporarily in a warmer, drier climate in an attempt to improve his health (a common treatment for tuberculosis then), but he continued to decline and died in 1821, only a year after some of his most famous works were published.

One of his most famous poems is "To Autumn" the first line of which gave inspiration to the author Neil Gaiman for his Sandman series, one of which is titled Season of Mists. His sonnet "Bright Star" was written for his lover Fanny, and the film Bright Star, directed by Jane Campion, is the story of his brief life, career and the woman he loved.

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