Gordon Gow

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Right from the beginning, it's clear that The Unforgiven is a western in search of significance. The credit titles are backed up by a dust storm, a white moon in a blue-black sky, and a grim vision of cracked earth and cattle-skulls. The significance, once found, turns out to be familiar: this is a story of racial prejudice, deep-ingrained, acted out amid the also familiar tradition of the Western. The combination of familiarities is blended into a solemn-paced film that might occasionally give western addicts the fidgets, but compensates with spirited out-breaks of action and a fair share of visual poetry. (p. 21)

Gordon Gow, "New Films: 'The Unforgiven'" (© copyright Gordon Gow 1960; reprinted with permission), in Films and Filming, Vol. 6, No. 10, July, 1960, pp. 21-2.


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