Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

In addition to his novels, John Hawkes (hawks) published a collection of four plays (The Innocent Party: Four Short Plays, 1966), some poetry (Fiasco Hall, 1943—privately printed), volumes of short fiction, and many fragments taken from his longer works and published separately, often while still in progress.

Hawkes gave a number of highly informative interviews during his career, discussing not only past works but also those in progress. Notable conversations may be found in Anthony C. Santore’s and Michael Pocalykov’s A John Hawkes Symposium: Design and Debris (1977). Hawkes also conducted important dialogues with Thomas LeClair (The New Republic, November 10, 1979) and with John Barth (The New York Times Book Review, April 1, 1979).