John Galt Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

The Battle of Largs (poetry) 1804

Cursory Reflections on Political and Commercial Topics as Reflected by the Regent's Accession to Royal Authority (essays) 1812

The Life and Administration of Cardinal Wolsey (biography) 1812

The Tragedies of Maddalen, Agamemnon, Lady Macbeth, Antonia & Clytemnestra (dramas) 1812

Voyages and Travels in the Years 1809, 1810, and 1811; Containing Statistical, Commercial, and Miscellaneous Observations on Gibraltar, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Serigo, and Turkey (travel essays) 1812

Letters from the Levant; Containing Views of the State of Society, Manners, Opinions, and Commerce in Greece and Several of the Principal Islands of the Archipelago (travel essays) 1813

The Majolo (novel) 1816

The Life and Studies of Benjamin West. 2 vols. (biography) 1816-1820

The Appeal (drama) 1818

The Earthquake (novel) 1820

Glenfell; or, Macdonalds and Campbells (novel) 1820

A Tour of Asia [as Rev. T. Clark] (travel essays) 1820

A Tour of Europe [as Rev. T. Clark] (travel essays) 1820

The Wandering Jew; or, The Travels and Observations of Hareach the Prolonged [as Rev. T. Clark] (travel essays) 1820

Annals of the Parish; or, The Chronicle of Dalmailing (novel) 1821

The Ayrshire Legatees; or, The Pringle Family (epistolary novel) 1821

The Provost (novel) 1822

Sir Andrew Wylie, of That Ilk (novel) 1822

The Steam-boat (novel) 1822

The Entail; or, The Lairds of the Grippy (novel) 1823

The Gathering of the West; or, We're Come to See the King (novel) 1823

The Howdie and Other Tales (short stories) 1923

Ringan Gilhaize; or, The Convenanters. 3 vols. (novel) 1823

The Bachelor's Wife: A Selection of Curious and Interesting Extracts, with Cursory Observations (novel) 1824

Rothelan (novel) 1824

The Spaewife (novel) 1824

The Omen (novel) 1825

A Rich Man and Other Stories (novella and short stories) 1925

The Last of the Lairds; or, The Life and Opinions of Malachi Mailings, Esq. of Auldbiggings (novel) 1826

Lawrie Todd; or, The Settlers in the Woods (novel) 1830

The Life of Lord Byron (biography) 1830

Southennan (novel) 1830

Bogle Corbet; or, The Emigrants (novel) 1831

The Member: An Autobiography (novel) 1832

The Radical: An Autobiography (novel) 1832

Stanley Buxton; or, The Schoolfellows (novel) 1832

The Autobiography of John Galt (autobiography) 1833

Eben Erskine; or, the Traveller (novel) 1833

Poems (poetry) 1833

The Stolen Child: A Tale of the Town, Founded on a Certain Interesting Fact (novel) 1833

Stories of the Study (short stories) 1833

The Literary Life and Miscellanies of John Galt (autobiographical essays, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and short stories) 1834

The Demon of Destiny and Other Poems (poetry) 1839

The Collected Works of John Galt. 10 vols. (novels) 1936