Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Starting in 1903 with Poems, John Drinkwater published a number of volumes of poetry, the most significant of which are Poems, 1908-1914 (1917), Poems, 1908-1919 (1919), Selected Poems (1922), New Poems (1925), and The Collected Poems of John Drinkwater (in three volumes, two published in 1923 and one in 1937). His most important critical and biographical studies are William Morris: A Critical Study (1912), Swinburne: An Estimate (1913), Lincoln, The World Emancipator (1920), The Pilgrim of Eternity: Byron—A Conflict (1925), Mr. Charles, King of England (1926), Cromwell: A Character Study (1927), Charles James Fox (1928), Pepys: His Life and Character (1930), and Shakespeare (1933). His autobiographical volumes are Inheritance (1931) and Discovery (1932); they cover only the period to 1913.