John Dewey Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Psychology (nonfiction) 1887

Applied Psychology [with J. A. McLellan] (nonfiction) 1889

Outlines in Ethics [with James Tufts] (philosophy) 1891

School and Society (nonfiction) 1899

Studies in Logical Theory (philosophy) 1903

Child and Curriculum (nonfiction) 1906

Ethics (philosophy) 1908

How We Think (philosophy) 1910

Interest and Effort (philosophy) 1913

Democracy and Education (nonfiction) 1916

Essays in Experimental Logic (philosophy) 1916

Creative Intelligence (nonfiction) 1917

Reconstruction in Philosophy (philosophy) 1920

Human Nature and Conduct (philosophy) 1922

Experience and Nature (philosophy) 1925

The Public and Its Problems (nonfiction) 1927

The Quest for Certainty (philosophy) 1929

Characters and Events (nonfiction) 1929

Philosophy and Civilization (nonfiction) 1931

Art as Experience (philosophy) 1934

Liberalism and Social Action (nonfiction) 1935

Logic: The Theory of Inquiry (philosophy) 1938

Freedom and Culture (nonfiction) 1939

Problems of Man (nonfiction) 1946

Knowing and the Known [with Arthur Bently] (philosophy) 1949