John Day Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

The Conquest of Brute, with the First Finding of the Bath [with Henry Chettle] (play) 1598

The Spanish Moor's Tragedy [with William Haughton, Thomas Dekker, and John Marston] (play) 1599

Cox of Collumpton [with Haughton] (play) c. 1599-1600

*Thomas Merry [with Haughton] (play) c. 1599-1600

The Seven Wise Masters [with Dekker, Haughton, and Chettle] (play) 1600

The Golden Ass, or Cupid and Psyche [with Dekker and Chettle] (play) 1600

The Blind Beggar of Bednal Green [with Chettle] (play) c. 1600-01

The Second Parte of Strowde (Part 2 of The Blind Beggar of Bednal Green) [with Haughton] (play) c. 1600-01

The Third Parte of Strowde (Part 3 of The Blind Beggar of Bednal Green) [with Haughton] (play) c. 1600-01

Six Yeomen of the West [with Haughton] (play) 1601

The Conquest of the West Indies [with Haughton and Wentworth Smith] (play) c. 1601-02

Friar Rush and the Proud Woman of Antwerp [with Haughton] (play) c. 1601-02

The Bristol Tragedy (play) 1602

As Merry as May Be [with Smith and Richard Hathaway] (play) 1602

The Black Dog of Newgate [with Smith and Hathaway] (play) 1602

The Second Part of the Black Dog [with Smith and Hathaway] (play) 1603

The Boss of Billingsgate [with Hathaway] (play) 1603

The Unfortunate General [with Smith and Hathaway] (play) 1603

Law-Trickes, or Who Would Have Thought It (play) c. 1604

The Isle of Gulls (play) 1606

The Travels of the Three English Brothers [with William Rowley and George Wilkins] (play) 1607

Humour Out of Breath (play) c. 1607-08

Guy of Warwick [with Dekker] (play) c. 1620

The Bellman of London [with Dekker] (play) c. 1623

Come and See a Wonder (play) 1623

The Parliament of Bees (dialogues) 1641

The Works of John Day. 2 vols. (plays and poetry) 1881

*This work is also known as Beech's Tragedy.

†The date given for this work is of its first publication. Several scholars suggest that it was composed sometime between 1634 and 1640.

‡This edition of Day's works contains the first published version of Peregrinatio Scholastica, which was likely written between 1617 and 1625.