John Crowe Ransom Poetry: American Poets Analysis - Essay

John Crowe Ransom Poetry: American Poets Analysis

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Three salient features of John Crowe Ransom’s poetry are his irony, the distinctive, highly mannered texture of his verse, and the relationship between the two. Ransom admired Robert Frost as poet, but his reservations about Frost derived from what he considered the relative thinness of Frost’s poetic texture. Frost’s colloquial style, Ransom objected, reduces the textural richness of the verse to the barest minimum. What it actually does is to lower the sensitivity to its textural character by making the verse look and sound like more or less ordinary speech. Frost’s style is calculated to create the effect that there is no style at all. Ransom’s style, in contrast, is highly mannered, calculated to call attention to...

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