John Cleveland Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


Bruce, Donald. “An Oxford Garrison of Poets in 1642.” Contemporary Review 261, no. 1522 (November 1992): 250-56.

An abstract of the positions of the Oxford poets during the reign of King Charles I, particularly focusing on the careers of Cleveland, William Cartwright, and Sir John Denham.

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Examines Cleveland's “careless” usage of non-rhyming pairs of words in his poetry.

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Describes the life experiences that shaped Cleveland's career and the critical reception of his work.

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A brief summary of Cleveland's impact on the metaphysical style of Edward Taylor.

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Examines the creation of poems imitative of the satiric style of Cleveland after the hanging of Anne Greene at Oxford in 1651.

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Withington questions the authorship of numerous poems and verses in Cleveland's canon of poetry, suggesting that many actually may be attributed to others, while other anonymous works may be those of Cleveland.

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Woodward remarks on Withington's previously published “The Canon of John Cleveland's Poetry,” suggesting additional poems ascribed to Cleveland with debatable authorship.

Additional coverage of Cleveland's life and career is contained in the following sources published by Thomson Gale: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 126; Literature Resource Center; and Reference Guide to English Literature, Ed. 2.