John Cheever Short Fiction Analysis - Essay

John Cheever Short Fiction Analysis

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

John Cheever has been called both “the Chekhov of the exurbs” and “Ovid in Ossining”—which suggests both the variety and the complexity of the man and his fiction. Accused by some of being a literary lightweight—a writer merely of short stories and an apologist for middle-class life—he has been more often, and more justly, praised as a master chronicler of a way of life that he both celebrates and satirizes in stories that seem at once conventional and innovative, realistic and fantastic. His stories read effortlessly, yet their seeming simplicity masks a complexity that deserves and repays close attention. The line “The light from the cottage, shining into the fog, gave the illusion of substance, and it seems as if...

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