John Bull's Other Island

by George Bernard Shaw

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Tom Broadbent is a civil engineer working in Ireland during the establishment of England's political control. He is known as a "John Bull," or a stereotypical Englishman.

Laurence Doyle is Broadbent's business partner. Being an Irishman who spent the majority of his life in England, Doyle is made uneasy as his work with Broadbent requires him to return to Ireland.

Nora Reilly is an Irish "heiress" despite her lack of fortune. She has feelings for Doyle, but when he rejects her, she marries Broadbent.

Tim Haffigan is a Scotsman pretending to be an Irishman in order to con Broadbent.

"Father" Keegan is a former priest who is mentally and emotionally unstable, but he is also known for his intelligence, and he is beloved by his former congregants.

Barney Doran is known for his mean and cruel humor, making fun of many of the other characters.

Matt Haffigan is a depressed, burnt-out farmer.

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