Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

In addition to his novels, Johannes V. Jensen (YEHN-sehn) wrote a large number of essays dealing with evolutionary, anthropological, and historical topics. He also was a master of the shorter prose form, primarily seen in his series of Himmerland stories and myths. The stories are principally studies of characters from the Danish countryside, rendered with humor and irony but also permeated with a tragic view of life as meaningless, whereas the myths—embodying the core concept of Jensen’s aesthetics—are lyric and symbolic sketches of humankind, nature, and animals. Three volumes of exotic stories contain for the most part travel descriptions from the Far East and the United States. In addition to his prose works, Jensen was the author of several poetry collections, the first volume of which, Digte (1906, 1917, 1921), established him as a pioneer in modern Danish poetry.