Johann von Goethe Wolfgang Criticism: Die NatüRliche Tochter - Essay

Criticism: Die NatüRliche Tochter

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Gustafson, Susan E. “‘Don't See, Don't Tell’: Gender Transgression and Repetition Compulsion in Goethe's Die natürliche Tochter.Monatshefte 89, no. 2 (summer 1997): 148-67.

[In the following essay, Gustafson views Die natürliche Tochter as a play about gender transgression and the protection of the status quo.]

Goethe's Die natürliche Tochter depicts the emblematic eradication of a gender-bending daughter.1 Throughout the play Eugenie is subjected to multiple symbolic deaths. She is surmised, described, and reported dead, only to be revived to die again. More than a drama about the French Revolution, Die...

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