Johann von Goethe Wolfgang Criticism: Torquato Tasso - Essay

Regina Hewitt (essay date fall 1983)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Hewitt, Regina. “Tasso's Place in the Courtly Universe: The Atavistic Cosmography of Goethe's Torquato Tasso.Michigan Germanic Studies 9, no. 2 (fall 1983): 141-48.

[In the following essay, Hewitt offers an interpretation of the outcome of Torquato Tasso, contending that the reconciliation of Tasso and Antonio fits the “atavistic cosmography at the heart of Goethe's play.”]

Having set up the apparent incompatibility of the poet Torquato Tasso with the statesman Antonio Montecatino, the dramatic action of Goethe's Torquato Tasso tends towards the final embrace of its two antagonists. Critics have long been divided over this...

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Frederick Burwick (essay date 1996)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Burwick, Frederick. “Goethe's Classicism: The Paradox of Irrationality in Torquato Tasso.” In A Reassessment of Weimar Classicism, edited by Gerhart Hoffmeister, pp. 11-33. Lewiston, N.Y.: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1996.

[In the following essay, Burwick explores Goethe's utilization of dramatic tension between the rational and the irrational in Torquato Tasso.]

It is quite likely that when Goethe first conceived the idea of dramatizing the conditions of madness tormenting the life of the poet, Torquato Tasso, he had in mind a very different sort of play than the one which he finally completed a decade later. However different the results may have been,...

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