Joel and Ethan Coen

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Behrens, Michael A. "Cinema Brats: The Coens and Their Scripts." San Francisco Review of Books 17, No. 1 (January 1992): 25-6.

Behrens finds the work of the Coem brothers to be guilty of the weaknesses they parody.

Ferncase, Richard K. "Neon Noir: Blood Simple." Outsider Features: American Independent Films of the 1980s Greenwood Press (1996): 67-76.

Ferncase proides a mixed review of Blood Simple and summarizes the reactions of other critics to several of the Coen brothers' films.

Francke, Lizzie. "Hell Freezes Over." Sight and Sound 6, No. 5 (May 1996): 24, 26.

Brief article in which the Coens discuss some of the recurring imagery in their films.

Holt, Linda. "I'm So Prouda You." Times Literary Supplement (June 14, 1996): 20.

Holt provides a favorable review of the movie Fargo.

Horowitz, Mark. "Coen Brothers A-Z: The Big Two-Headed Picture." Film Comment 27, No. 5 (September/October 1991): 27-32.

Humorous lexicon of terms associated with the Coen brothers and their films.

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