Joe Turner's Come and Gone Questions and Answers: Act II, Scenes 4-5

August Wilson

Questions and Answers: Act II, Scenes 4-5

(Drama for Students)

1. What occurs between Reuben and Zonia, and how does this recapitulate the themes of the play?

2. What happened to Martha Loomis when Joe Turner took away her husband?

3. Why did Martha Loomis decide to create a new life for herself?

4. How, in the end, does Herald free himself from all the mental and physical bonds placed upon him?

5. How did Selig and Bynum work together to reunite Martha with her daughter Zonia?

1. Reuben and Zonia have been friends for three weeks, when suddenly, Zonia must leave the area with Herald to continue searching for her mother. While they are saying goodbye, Reuben tells Zonia that when he grows up, he is going to find Zonia and make her his wife. This is in keeping with the themes of the play because once again we have two characters who like each other and now are being separated by circumstances beyond their control. Reuben’s desire to find Zonia sometime in the future evokes Selig’s role as people finder, as does Mattie’s desire to recover her lost love, Jack Carper, Bynum’s desire to find the shiny man again, and Herald’s desire to locate his wife.

2. Herald and Martha had been sharecropping some land together when Joe Turner abducted Herald. Martha was unable to continue performing the work on her own. She was evicted from the land and took Zonia to live with her mother. Later, when her...

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