Joanna Trollope

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Principal Works

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Eliza Stanhope (novel) 1978

Parson Harding's Daughter (novel) 1979; republished as Mistaken Virtues, 1980

Charlotte [as Caroline Harvey] (novel) 1980

Leaves from the Valley (novel) 1980

Alexandra [as Caroline Harvey] (novel) 1980

The City of Gems (novel) 1981

Britannia's Daughters: Women of the British Empire (nonfiction) 1983

Cara [as Caroline Harvey] (novel) 1983

*Legacy of Love (novels) 1983

The Steps of the Sun (novel) 1983

The Taverners' Place (novel) 1986

The Choir (novel) 1988

A Village Affair (novel) 1989

A Passionate Man (novel) 1990

The Rector's Wife (novel) 1991

The Men and the Girls (novel) 1992

Trollope Omnibus (novels) 1992

A Castle in Italy [as Caroline Harvey] (novel) 1993

A Second Legacy [as Caroline Harvey] (novel) 1993

A Spanish Lover (novel) 1993

The Best of Friends (novel) 1995

Faith (novella) 1996

Next of Kin (novel) 1996

The Brass Dolphin [as Caroline Harvey] (novel) 1997

Other People's Children (novel) 1998

Marrying the Mistress (novel) 2000

Girl from the South (novel) 2002

Brother and Sister (novel) 2004

*Includes Charlotte, Alexandra, and Cara.

†Includes A Village Affair, A Passionate Man, and The Rector's Wife.

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