Joanna Baillie Other Literary Forms

Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Though Joanna Baillie is known primarily for her dramas, her first publication was Poems, which appeared as an anonymous work in 1790. Some of the poems in this volume were reprinted in Baillie’s Fugitive Verses (1840). During her lifetime, Baillie was much admired for her lyrics, many of which appeared in the collections of Scottish, Irish, and Welsh songs brought out periodically by her friend, the music publisher and historian George Thomson. Her poetic narratives included those in the Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters (1821) and Ahalya Baee: A Poem (1849). Baillie’s prose works consisted primarily of literary criticism, though she did publish a book on religious dogma. Shortly before her death, Baillie oversaw the publication of her collected works.