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[With "Eyes of Amber and Other Stories"] Joan Vinge has put together a rewarding collection of six carefully crafted, emotionally rich stories. Included are her first, the bittersweet "Tin Soldier," in which a cyborg (a man with artificial parts) falls in love with a spacefaring woman; and her latest, "Mediaman," an action/love story set in the universe of Vinge's first novel…. Most moving of all, however, are "View from a Height,"… which concerns a woman who volunteers for a one-way trip out into the universe; and "The Crystal Ship," in which a young woman's life is redeemed by an alien who is an outcast from his own people.

A review of "Eyes of Amber and Other Stories," in Publishers Weekly, Vol. 216, No. 6, August 6, 1979, p. 90.