Joan Armatrading

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Marianne Meyer

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[Joan] Armatrading avoids self-absorption or cosmic commentary in her work. Her lyrics have an intimate narrative quality (which she insists is not autobiographical) balanced with innate intelligence and a strong (albeit sometimes vulnerable) sense of self-worth…. [Her music] is vaguely reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or Phoebe Snow but with a sharper edge and eclecticism that is wholly unique.

Armatrading's first two albums were cluttered and a bit grandiose, betraying the elegant simplicity and taste of her songs…. ["Joan Armatrading"] was the first to focus her lyrical passion and crystallize her musical style. (pp. 28-9)

Marianne Meyer, "The Elusive Joan Armatrading," in Trouser Press (copyright © 1980 by Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press, Inc.), Vol. 7, No. 5, June, 1980, pp. 28-30.

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