Joachim du Bellay Analysis

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(European Poets and Poetry)

Joachim du Bellay (dew beh-LAY) is known primarily for his poetry. However, he did write La Défense et illustration de la langue française (1549; The Defence and Illustration of the French Language, 1939). In this manifesto, he expressed the aims of the Pléiade, the poetry circle to which he belonged and which was dedicated to developing French as a recognized and acceptable language for poetry.


(European Poets and Poetry)

Joachim du Bellay was instrumental in establishing French poetry as a genre equal to the poetry of the ancients. As a member of the Pléiade, he made significant contributions in both theory and practice to embellishing and purifying the French language. The Defence and Illustration of the French Language synthesized the ideas, aims, and rules of writing verse developed by the Pléiade and made them available to the literary community of his time. Du Bellay himself was responsible for establishing the sonnet and the ode in French poetry. He also introduced the satirical poem as a formal poetical genre into French literature with Le Poète courtisan. His The Antiquities of Rome added yet another genre to French poetry, the poetry of ruins.


(Great Authors of World Literature, Critical Edition)

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