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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Jitney is a play that takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1970s. A man named Becker owned a gypsy cab company named Jitney, but the city will tear down the building where he operated the business. Fellow cab driver Doub learned about the demolition project and confronted Becker about keeping it a secret for two weeks. However, Becker grew tired of running the business and was secretly relieved. Meanwhile, his son Booster has just gotten out of prison for murdering a white woman over a false rape allegation.

Becker believed his wife's early death was due to the grief from Booster's trial and blamed his son. Booster blamed Becker for not accompanying her to the trial to help her through the pain. After arguing, Becker disowned his son. Booster later tried to reconnect with his father, but Becker rejected his peace offer. Soon, Becker rallied his fellow drivers and said they should consult an attorney about remaining in the building until the city is fully prepared to demolish it. He also told them to keep their cabs clean and answer all calls with "car service," believing his company provided the community with a valuable service.

In act 2, Becker died in a mill accident. Booster punched Doub when he learned about the death of his father. After the funeral, Booster thanked the men at the cab station for attending and answered a phone call, saying "car service."

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