Jimmy Page Chris Welch - Essay

Chris Welch

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Of all the great British groups that emerged towards the end of the sixties, [Led Zeppelin] represented the most raw and powerful approach to music, combining an intelligence and expertise, that made their appeal, to the vast bulk of fans, irresistible….

For many fans "Led Zeppelin" is still the definitive album by the group. There was a pace, an electrifying atmosphere about the pieces. And the way they blended into each other, especially the fade on "Your Time Is Gonna Come," leading into the unexpected Indian flavour of "Black Mountain Side," with Viram Jasani on tabla, gave the album a sense of performance that many a concept album has lacked.

The sizzling, spine-chilling effect of "Dazed And Confused," the grinding blues feeling engendered on Robert's tour de force on "I Can't Quit You Baby" and the sheer, exultant power of "Communication Breakdown," taken at racing tempo, was a remarkable piece of sustained creativity that makes it still one of the most enjoyable rock albums produced, and one of the most successful in capturing the ingredients of a British rock band in full flight. (p. 28)

Chris Welch, "The Led Zeppelin Story," in Melody Maker (© IPC Business Press Ltd.), May 10, 1975, pp. 28-9.