Jimmy Carter

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What are Jimmy Carter's greatest accomplishments?

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Jimmy Carter was not the luckiest of American presidents.  He faced many crises that were not his fault.  He also, like all presidents, made some mistakes.  He essentially has no major accomplishments in domestic policy.  His most important moves had to do with foreign affairs.

In domestic policy, the main things that could be seen as accomplishments were his creation of the federal Departments of Energy and Education.  These are not major accomplishments and conservatives argue that these departments should not even exist.

In foreign policy, Carter had a somewhat better record.  He negotiated the SALT II arms limitation treaty with the Soviet Union.  This was an important accomplishment.  He gave control of the Panama Canal to Panama, though it must be said that many people would not see this as an accomplishment.  His most important accomplishment had to do with the Middle East.  Carter managed to persuade the leaders of Israel and Egypt to go through intensive negotiations to sign the Camp David Accords, which led to a peace treaty between the two countries.  This was a major breakthrough in relations between Israel and Arab countries.

Carter’s presidency, then, is not remembered as a particularly successful one and it had few major accomplishments.

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