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Kuennen, Cassie Carter. “Jim Carroll: A Selective, Annotated, Primary and Secondary Bibliography, 1967-1988.” Bulletin of Bibliography 47, No. 2 (1990): 81-112.

Kuennen's annotated bibliography provides details on Carroll's books, albums, and films, plus generously annotated listings of feature articles, interviews, and reviews.


Fissinger, Laura. “The Transformation of Jim Carroll.” Musician, Player and Listener (February 1981): 16.

In addition to biographical details, this feature article addresses the issue of rock martyrdom—specifically, how Carroll was immediately cast as a sacrificial lamb in rock mythology.

Graustark, Barbara. “Mean Streets.” Newsweek (8 September 1980): 80-81.

Graustark discusses Carroll's biography and his success as an up-and-coming rock star, comparing him to Lou Reed.

Griffin, Dominic. “Jim Carroll One on One.” Interview. Film Threat 23 Aug. 1995: 75.

Carroll talks about drugs, the film version of The Basketball Diaries, and music.

“Jim Carroll.” Current Biography 56, No. 10 (1995): 6-10.

A detailed biographical portrait.

McNeil, Legs, and Gillian McCain. Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk. New York: Grove, 1996.

Carroll comments on his days “hustling” on 53rd and 3rd, the Cold War, Patti Smith, and Iggy Pop. Also, Patti Smith and others discuss Carroll.

Joseph Menn, “Jim Carroll, Escape Artist.” Boston Globe (9 Jul. 1988): 77.

Menn's portrait, based on an interview, focuses on Forced Entries, describing Carroll as “on the way back from the edge.”

Milward, John. “Catholic Boy.” Penthouse (March 1981): 141.

Based in large part upon an extended interview, Milward's biographical portrait of Carroll is one of the most comprehensive and definitive published to date.

Morrisroe, Patricia. Mapplethorpe: A Biography. New York: Random, 1995.

Carroll is interviewed and discussed regarding his relationships with Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Norton, Mark J. “Jim Carroll's Rock 'n' Roll Heart-On.” Creem (March 1981): 32.

In this portrait/interview, Carroll discusses at length the intent behind his song lyrics, his views on contemporary poetry, and his introduction to rock music.

Rivers, Clarice. “The Catholic Boy Confesses.” Interview. Interview (January 1980): 54-55.

An interview in which Carroll discusses his relationship with musician Patti Smith, his own musical career, his book The Basketball Diaries, and his thoughts on the New York School of poetry.

Stewart, Jon. “The Street Side of the Game.” Interview. Interview (April 1995): 98-99.

Carroll discusses The Basketball Diaries, the game of basketball, the relationship between poetry and rock music, and The Basketball Diaries film.


Berrigan, Ted. “Jim Carroll.” Culture Hero 1, No. 5 (1969): 9-10.

In this article, Carroll's mentor Ted Berrigan offers a unique perspective on Carroll's beginnings as a writer, including an account of their first meeting.

CatholicBoy.com. Edited by Cassie Carter. http://www.catholicboy.com.

A continuously updated online archive and resource, this Web site offers full-text articles, audio and video clips, photos, tour dates, and other materials for scholars and fans.

Hirshberg, Lynn. “Jim Carroll: The Vision Explodes.” BAM (15 August 1980): 24-27.

Based upon an interview, this extended biographical portrait examines Carroll's life, focusing on his entry into rock 'n' roll.

Irving, Karl. “Nods of Days Gone By. ” Interview. UC Santa Barbara Daily Nexus (22 May 1986): 5A.

A short telephone interview in which Carroll discusses several pieces from his collection The Book of Nods.

MacAdams, Lewis. “Jim Carroll: Cool Poet.” Entertainment Weekly (Summer 1995): 50-51.

MacAdams's article, which appears in the magazine's “cool” issue, celebrates the staying power of The Basketball Diaries.

O'Connor, Chris. “Heaven in a Wild Flower.” Eye Weekly (19 Mar. 1992): 10-11.

O'Connor's portrait/interview surveys Carroll's life and work, with excerpts from the author's poetry, diaries, and lyrics. Carroll discusses Praying Mantis.

O'Hehir, Andrew. “A Poet Half-Devoured.” San Francisco Bay Guardian (12...

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April 1995): 44-45.

An essay examining the differences between the film version of The Basketball Diariesand the book, Carroll's drug addiction, and his plans for his future career.

Roth, Robert. “Fast Stories From Jim Carroll.” Interview. The Rocket (4-18 November 1998): 27-29.

Carroll talks with Robert Roth about Pools of Mercury, on which Roth appears. Carroll discusses the origins of “Train Surfing” and “I Am Not Kurt Schwitters.”

Stahl, Jerry. “The Sultan of St. Mark's: Poet Jim Carroll Gives Readers a Dose of the Divine.” The Paper (December 1998): 54-55.

Jim Carroll “is incapable of writing a word that doesn't scorch the page,” Stahl argues in an article centering on Carroll as a poet.

Additional coverage of Carroll's life and career is available in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Authors and Artists for Young Adults, Vol. 17, Contemporary Authors, Vol. 45–48; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vol. 42, and Literature Resource Center.