Jews in Literature Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Yehuda Amichai
Lo me-‘akshav, Lo mikan [Not of This Time, Not of This Place] (novel) 1963

Aharon Appelfield
Badenheim (novel) 1939

Saul Bellow
Dangling Man (novel) 1944
Mr. Sammler's Planet (novel) 1969

Wolfgang Borchert
Draussen vorder Tür [The Man Outside] (novel) 1947

Theodore Dreiser
The Titan (novel) 1914
The Hand of the Potter (novel) 1918

T. S. Eliot
The Wasteland (poetry) 1922
After Strange Gods (essays) 1934
Notes toward a Definition of Culture (criticism) 1949

Peter Finkelgruen
Haus Deutschland: oder Die Geschichte eines ungesühnten Mordes (novel) 1992

E. M. Forster
The Longest Journey (novel) 1907

John Galsworthy
Loyalties (novel) 1922

Graham Greene
A Gun for Sale (novel) 1936
Brighton Rock (novel) 1938

Lillian Hellman
Watch on the Rhine (drama) 1941

Ernest Hemingway
The Sun also Rises (novel) 1926

John Hersey
The Wall (novel) 1950

Laura Z. Hobson
Gentleman's Agreement (drama) 1946

William Hoffman
The Trumpet Unblown (novel) 1955

James Joyce
Ulysses (novel) 1922

Hermann Kasack
Die Stadt hinter dem Strom [The City beyond the Ruins] (novel) 1947

D. H. Lawrence
Aaron's Rod (novel) 1922
England, My England (novel) 1922
The Captain's Doll (novella) 1923

Sinclair Lewis
Arrowsmith (novel) 1925

Arthur Miller
Focus (drama) 1945
Incident at Vichy (drama) 1964

Clifford Odets
Till the Day I Die (drama) 1935

Ezra Pound
The Cantos (poetry) 1948
Radio Speeches (speeches) 1978

Nelly Sachs
The Chimneys (poetry) 1967

Jean-Paul Sartre
Refléxions sur la question juive (essay) 1946

Bernard Shaw
Man and Superman (drama) 1905

Robert Sherwood
There Shall Be No Night (novel) 1940

Isaac Bashevis Singer
The Séance and Other Stories (short stories) 1968
Enemies, A Love Story (novel) 1972

Stevie Smith
Novel on Yellow Paper (novel) 1936
Over the Frontier (novel) 1938

C. P. Snow
The Conscience of the Rich (novel) 1958
Corridors of Power (novel) 1964

Ernst Weichert
Der Totenwold [The Forest of the Dead] (novel) 1947

Peter Weiss
Die Ermittlung [The Investigation] (novel) 1965

Patrick White
Riders in the Chariot (novel) 1961

Elie Wiesel
La Nuit [Night] (autobiography) 1958
Les Chants des Morts [Legends of Our Time] (novel) 1964

Virginia Woolf
Three Guineas (novella) 1938
Between the Acts (novel) 1941

Richard Wright
Native Son (novel) 1940