Jerzy Skolimowski Krzysztof-Teodor Toeplitz - Essay

Krzysztof-Teodor Toeplitz

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Rysopis (Identification Marks: None)] is a surprise. The fact that it was made out of pieces of film that normally are thrown into the trash basket after the professor has seen them shows that Skolimowski did not enter [film] school in order to learn something, but in order to realize a prepared plan and show his maturity. But what is even more important, Skolimowski for the first time presented in Rysopis an almost complete repertory of his way of thinking as well as his repertory of possibilities.

The title of the film suggests an explanation of its content. These are indeed the identification marks of the author: his autoportrait, a description of his daily life, of his love complications, a collection of casual reflections woven by student Leszczyc about himself. Leszczyc was played by Skolimowski himself, and he used the name also in his next film Walkover. It seems to be for Skolimowski a cryptonym used in his autobiography. Because Identification Marks indeed is his autobiography…. [In] a situation when all ideals, programs, and theses fail, documents become significantly meaningful—documents on human philosophies, reactions, impulses—even those that cannot be explained rationally.

Simultaneously, in Identification Marks, and more so in Skolimowski's next film Walkover, a second aspect came up: attempts to discipline these observations and confessions in...

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