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Kane and Abel is … [about survival over a long time-span] involving two principals—a Boston banker named William Kane, and a Polish immigrant to the US, one Abel Rosnovski…. Inhabitants of different social worlds, their paths cross initially when Kane's bank withdraws crucial support for the first American who gave Abel a break, thereby triggering off the benefactor's suicide. For this, Kane is never forgiven, and is thereafter pursued by the Pole through thick and thin in a vendetta which sets Wall Street alight.

If you detect in all this a whiff of schmaltz, then your senses are in good working order. No doubt it will sell well in its blockbusting way; but so does Kentucky fried chicken. It's the recipe that counts. (p. 355)

John Naughton, "Marooned in France" (© British Broadcasting Corp. 1979; reprinted by permission of John Naughton), in The Listener, Vol. 102, No. 2628, September 13, 1979, pp. 354-55.∗

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