(Short Stories for Students)

Engagement and Marriage
One of the sub-plots of ‘‘Jeeves Takes Charge’’ is Bertie’s engagement to Florence Craye. Readers, like Jeeves, immediately recognize that Florence would make Bertie miserable if they were to marry. Bertie, even though he somewhat dimly realizes that she is a shrew, is too charmed by her ‘‘wonderful profile’’ to fight her attempts to ‘‘improve’’ him by forcing him to read dull works of philosophy. She bullies him into stealing his uncle’s manuscript by threatening to break their engagement. Perhaps her greatest offense is that she is in league with his horrid Aunt Agatha. In many of the ‘‘Jeeves and Wooster’’ stories, Bertie finds himself engaged to the wrong girl; some are sickeningly sentimental ninnies, others snare him in wild schemes. Jeeves, of course, always saves Bertie from the clutches of the wrong girl.

Role Reversal
An important and amusing theme running through all of the ‘‘Jeeves and Wooster’’ stories is the reversal of roles in the master/servant relationship between Bertie and his butler. Although Jeeves is the quintessential gentleman’s gentleman, ready to serve Bertie at a moment’s notice, Bertie is just bright enough to realize that his butler possesses a superior intellect. ‘‘Jeeves Takes Charge’’ establishes a formula that is familiar throughout the ‘‘Jeeves and Wooster’’ stories. When Bertie hires Jeeves, the butler...

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