Jean Renoir Phillipe R. Perebinossoff - Essay

Phillipe R. Perebinossoff

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

In The Rules of the Game, made in 1939, Renoir uses amateur theatricals to suggest the breakdown of the aristocracy and in Grand Illusion, finished in 1937, the theatricals in which soldiers dress in drag reflect the imbalances in society during wartime. (p. 50)

It is Robert de la Chesnaye in The Rules of the Game who suggests a celebration to honor the aviator Andre Jurieu, the hero of the moment…. Having "fun" is a duty which he takes seriously.

Theatricality is a very important part of la Chesnaye's life. His attempt to preserve his way of life is closely linked with the theater…. La Chesnaye protects himself from changes in the outside world by involving...

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