Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Trained as a diplomat, Jean Giraudoux first attracted critical attention as the author of essays such as Amica America (1919) and Adorable Clio (1920) and highly intellectualized, rather esoteric novels, such as Simon le pathétique (1918), Suzanne et le Pacifique (1921; Suzanne and the Pacific, 1923), and Juliette au pays des hommes (1924). True fame and success did not come to him, however, until after he began writing for the stage with Siegfried, adapted from his 1922 novel Siegfried et le Limousin (My Friend from Limousin, 1923) at the urging of director Louis Jouvet. The novels and essays of Giraudoux are of interest primarily as sources of the themes that are better expressed in his dramatic works.