Jean Bodel Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

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Uses Bodel's Chanson des Saisnes and Le Jeu de Saint Nicholas as examples of the depiction of Saracens in the literature of Medieval France.

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Remarks on the merits of Le Jeu de Saint Nicholas and its place in the history of French drama.

Marshall, F. W. "The Staging of Le Jeu de Saint Nicolas: An Analysis of Movement." Australian Journal of French Studies II, No. 1 (January-April 1965): 9-38.

Reconstructs the staging of the play and the movements of the characters based on the differing rhyme schemes associated with different groups of characters.

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In-depth analysis of the text's history and Bodel's use of language.

Reinhardt, George W. "Jehan Bodel, Gace Brule, and Gustave Flaubert in the Leprous Forest: On the French Sources of Kasimir Edschmid's 'Der Aussätzige Wald'." Monatshefte LXVIII, No. 1 (Spring 1976): 60-9.

Briefly summarizes Bodel's life and comments on Edschmid's depiction of Bodel in the short story "Der Aussätzige Wald."