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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Jealousy is a novel by Alain Robbe Grillet, a French author, written in 1957. The main characters of the novel are written in bold below:

Jealousy's original title in French is "la jalousie," which is a play on words as it can be translated to either "jealousy" or "the jealous window." This play on words refers to the fact that one of the main characters, a husband, spies on his wife through the blinds of a window, as he suspects she is having an affair. Readers might assume that this husband is the book's narrator. This is never confirmed however, as the narrator divulges very little about him or herself and in fact never even speaks in first person.

The focus of the narrator's tail is A..., the aforementioned wife who is the owner of a banana plantation in South America. A... is described as a beautiful woman who has developed a close friendship with her neighbor, Franck, also the owner of a banana plantation. While it is never confirmed, A...'s husband is suspicious that she is having an extramarital affair with Franck. The husband is suspicious of their friendship for a number of reasons, including the fact that Franck's wife, Christiane, does not accompany him on his visits to A...'s plantation. While the reader never meets Christiane at A...'s plantation, she is mentioned throughout the novel.

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