Part 6 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Describe what Violet’s life was like at age 12.

2. Why do you think Violet’s neighbors were so generous in their help to her family?

3. Why did Violet’s father leave the family?

4. What was True Belle’s reaction to Golden Gray’s beauty?

5. Why was Golden Gray referred to as an orphan?

6. What would Vera Louise have done with the child if he did not look so blond?

7. Describe the environment in which Golden Gray was raised?

8. Describe Colonel Gray’s reaction and Mrs. Gray’s reaction to Vera Louise’s pregnancy.

9. True Belle was a slave and had little choice about going to Baltimore with her mistress. Discuss the family True Belle left behind.

10. How much pay did True Belle get for 22 years of work?

1. At age 12, after her father deserted his family, Violet lived in poverty with her mother and four brothers and sisters. They were evicted from their home and they were often hungry.

2. The neighbors were so helpful because they understood that the same thing could happen to them. They were just a bit luckier so they shared whatever they had.

3. Violet’s father gave up and left. He was tired of the work, the hunger, and that he couldn’t do anything about it.

4. As a baby, Golden Gray was so beautiful that every time True Belle looked at him she...

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