Part 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. The narrator feels that Joe should have gotten some advice concerning his affair with Dorcas. Why didn’t Joe confide in his friends?

2. Why did Joe give himself the last name Trace?

3. What is a Hunter’s Hunter?

4. Why does Violet begin to sleep with a doll?

5. On the outside Joe was 50 years old. What was he like on the inside?

6. Dorcas was like candy to Joe. What advice do our parents give us about candy?

7. What were some of the reasons for the race riots?

8. Why did Joe need Dorcas so badly?

9. What did ladies like about Joe?

10. What finally caused Joe to move to New York City?

1. Joe didn’t confide in his friends because he felt they would laugh at him and be of no help. He also felt that he couldn’t talk to anyone but Dorcas.

2. Joe named himself Trace because his parents disappeared without a trace.

3. Hunter’s Hunter is a name of honor given to a woodsman with exceptional hunting, fishing, and tracking skills.

4. Although Violet said she didn’t want children, reaching age 40 she starts to experience baby hunger. Sleeping with a doll satisfies this desire.

5. Although Joe was a middle-aged man, he felt like a 16-year-old inside. He was young at heart.

6. Parents always warn their children not to eat too much candy. Excess candy can ruin the teeth and cause a stomachache.

7. In the North, African-Americans and whites fought each other in the street over jobs, housing, and social indignities.

8. Joe was a 50-year-old man who felt that life was passing him by. At this point in their marriage, he and Violet rarely talked and he felt he needed to be actively loved again. Dorcas was the solution.

9. Ladies liked Joe because he was handsome, he was a gentleman, and he had a gentle, country way of speaking.

10. Joe felt it was time to move to the city once Booker T. Washington was invited to the White House.