Part 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the major difference between the two Violets?

2. At the funeral, what was the job that the boy ushers had to do?

3. Why did Violet’s mother jump into the well?

4. Why didn’t Violet want to have children? Why didn’t Joe want to have them?

5. What are some of the sacrifices Violet made to be close to Joe?

6. What are some the tales people told about the big city?

7. What advice does Alice Manfred give to Violet?

8. Why didn’t Violet want to be like her mother?

9. Why did “That Violet” throw the parrot out?

10. At the end of this chapter, laughter seems to save the day. Explain.

1. The original Violet is unsure of herself and starting to lose her mind. The other Violet is mean and very clear about what she wants to do. The other Violet turned everything she looked at into a potential weapon. She pushed people and fought back when necessary.

2. The boys thought that they would be pallbearers and direct mourners to their seats. When Violet tried to attack the body, their job was to use every ounce of their strength to stop her.

3. Everyone was surprised when Violet’s mother committed suicide because the family’s living conditions were starting to improve. She didn’t end her life when her husband left her, or when the white men evicted her from her home...

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