Part 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What was the purpose of the protest march?

2. Alice Manfred made a good living. How did this affect her attitude about things?

3. How did Dorcas react to the tragedy surrounding her parents’ deaths?

4. In your opinion what long-lasting effect did her parents’ deaths have on Dorcas?

5. How did Alice and the Miller Sisters feel about the music?

6. Describe Dorcas’ personality as a child.

7. What happened to Neola Miller’s left hand and how did Dorcas react to the story?

8. To be funny, what did people change Violet’s name to?

9. How did Dorcas describe her life as a 17-year-old?

10. What did the city whisper to Dorcas and to anyone who would listen?

1. Dorcas and her aunt attended the protest parade in honor of her parents who were killed in two separate racial incidents. African-Americans responded solemnly and in silence against such acts of violence that were occurring in locations throughout the country.

2. Alice Manfred would be described as bourgeois. She had made it and could not understand why everyone hadn’t. She thought the average African-American was beneath her.

3. Dorcas’ reaction to her parents’ deaths was to become mute. For a long period of time she refused to speak.

4. Since she never really talked about her parents’ deaths, she...

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