Part 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why did Violet have trouble sleeping at night?

2. Why does Joe try so hard to remember everything about Dorcas?

3. How will these memories help Joe?

4. What are some of the reasons that African-Americans came to the city?

5. Why does Joe want to have the affair in the first place?

6. Where does Dorcas want Joe to take her?

7. How does Malvonne feel about the lives of the people she works for?

8. Explain what Malvonne tries to do with the letters.

9. How did Joe and Violet meet?

10. Could the city compete with the beauty of the country?

1. Violet has trouble sleeping once the birds are set free. Little things she had to do for them at night like covering their cages, helped her settle down to sleep.

2. Joe sits around and thinks about Dorcas day and night. He tries to remember everything beginning with the time he first met her. This way her memory won’t fade and he can keep their love alive.

3. Remembering Dorcas and the intensity of his feelings for her will help him stay young. When he can’t remember exactly how he felt at the time, he will be old.

4. African-Americans came North to find work opportunities. Another important reason was their search for rights and dignity. The South was strictly segregated and regarded them as second-class citizens.


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