Part 10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What did the narrator think would happen?

2. What actually did happen?

3. Why did Joe cry so much?

4. When Joe was hunting Dorcas what was he really doing?

5. Why did Wild hide from everyone?

6. Why does Joe love the long distance eyes of the soap box speakers?

7. What were some of the good things about Joe’s new job?

8. Exactly how has Joe and Violet’s relationship improved?

9. What are some of the things Violet tries, to help the new bird get well?

10. Explain how life is easier for Joe and Violet.

1. The narrator thought that Violet would hurt or kill Joe. When she saw Felice, she thought she would act just like Dorcas.

2. Violet and Joe saved their marriage and got their lives back in order.

3. Everyone thought Joe cried about shooting Dorcas. Now the narrator understands that he could have been crying for Violet, his mother, and for making one change too many.

4. The narrator believes that he might have been hunting for his mother at the same time.

5. Wild hid from everyone because she knew that she frightened people. She didn’t want to scare anybody.

6. The long distance eyes of the soap box speakers reminds Joe of his mother’s eyes.

7. Joe’s new job required that he work at night. Now he was free during the day to spend time with Violet.

8. Joe and Violet’s relationship has improved because they talk to each other and do things together like play cards. They appreciate each other and are in love again.

9. Violet’s new bird is sickly. To make the bird get better she offers it special food, she talks sweet talk to the bird and finally lets the bird listen to music. The music helps the bird turn into a delightful pet.

10. Joe and Violet don’t have to worry about the opinions or acceptance of anyone. Life is much easier for them now that they only have to worry about themselves.