Sample Essay Outlines

The following topics provide an opportunity for you to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate what you have read. Each topic includes an outline that will serve as a guide and a starting point.

Topic #1
Although Jazz has many themes, the novel can be classified as a love story. Discuss the many different types of love explored in the book.

I. Thesis Statement: The many different types of love portrayed in the novel include: the love between a man and a woman, mother love, love of country life, love of the city, love of music, and baby love.

II. Love Between a Man and a Woman
A. Joe and Violet
1. Youthful years
2. Mature years
B. Joe and Dorcas
C. Vera Louise and the slave
D. Wild and Hunter’s Hunter

III. Mother Love
A. Joe’s love for Wild
B. Violet’s love for Rose Dear
C. Vera’s love for Golden Gray
D. True Belle’s love for Golden Gray

IV. Love of Country Life
A. Joe and Victory
B. Hunter’s Hunter
C. Wild

V. Love of the City
A. Better than country life
B. Perfection

VI. Love of the Music
A. Jazz
B. The Blues
C. Dancing

VII. Baby or Child Love
A. Violet’s desire for a baby and what it does to her
B. True Belle’s love for her grandchildren

Conclusion: Jazz is a realistic love story because it goes beyond the traditional love between a man and a woman to discuss many other types of love.

Topic #2
The work of writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, and Ernest Hemingway looked at American lifestyles and attitudes in the Jazz Age. How does Toni Morrison’s Jazz add another dimension to the existing work on American life in this decade?

I. Thesis Statement: By writing about rural African-Americans, The Great Migration, and...

(The entire section is 810 words.)