The Jazz Book

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Jazz, an ambitious integrated software package that links spreadsheet, database management, business graphics, telecommunications, and word processing is shipped with a hefty reference manual and a primer. The experienced user may need no more than this to get started, but novices, especially those without considerable experience using databases and spreadsheets and creating graphs based on them, will appreciate the opportunity to work step-by-step through the series of practical Jazz examples that this tutorial provides.

Edward M. Baras, whose earlier works include THE SYMPHONY STORY and THE OSBORNE/McGRAW-HILL GUIDE TO USING LOTUS 1-2-3, first guides the reader through the basics of Jazz start-up and then works through each application in turn, beginning with the worksheet.

Much of the text, both in the introductory section and in later chapters covering advanced features of Jazz, is devoted to the two programs that require the most time to master-- the worksheet and the database-management applications--while single chapters focus on the MacWrite look-alike word processing and elementary telecommunications modules included in Jazz. Particularly impressive is the logical organization of the text.

Each new skill taught builds on another as the reader creates, for example, a worksheet of monthly expenses from the spreadsheet application and incorporates it into a memo created by the word processor using Hotview, a linking feature exclusive to Jazz.

THE JAZZ BOOK is definitely one of the better self-help volumes published for the Jazz user.