Topics for Further Study

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When Dr. Mary Webb and Jasmine meet for lunch at The University Club, they discuss reincarnation. What is reincarnation? Name at least three distinct religions in which reincarnation is accepted as truth.

In studying Bharati Mukherjee's work, you'll often encounter the term "postcolonialism." What does the term mean, and how does it relate to Jasmine's India?

Jasmine's childhood friend Vimla burns herself after her husband's death. This act is called "sati" or "suttee." Define "sati" and discuss its cultural, historical, and religious origins.

Prakash and Jasmine, in plotting their move to the United States, confront problems getting their ‘‘green cards.’’ Later, in Flushing, Jasmine again worries about procuring her green card, even equates it with freedom. Pretend you are a modern-day citizen of India. Explain the requirements you would have to meet in order to legally make a permanent move to the United States. What obstacles might you encounter?

In literature and film, farmers are often stereotyped as being rather simple, sometimes crude, people. In Darrel Lutz we see a more complicated portrait of the farmer: a young, hard-working person who must understand sophisticated technology and high financing. Do some research into the state of the American farm. How big is the average farm, and how much does it cost to run?

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