Chapters 7-10 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What does Mr. Brocklehurst say to Miss Temple about the burnt porridge?
  2. What does Helen say to comfort Jane after Mr. Brocklehurst makes her stand on the stool?
  3. What contributes to the outbreak of typhus at Lowood?
  4. Why isn’t Jane worried when she learns that Helen has consumption?
  5. What does Helen believe about death?
  6. What changes are made at Lowood after the typhoid epidemic?
  7. How has Jane’s personality changed in her eight years at Lowood?
  8. What prompts Jane to want to leave Lowood?
  9. Who from Gateshead visits Jane at Lowood?
  10. Who is John Eyre?

Quiz Answers

  1. He chastises her for giving the girls bread and cheese instead of forcing them to eat the burnt porridge.
  2. Helen tells Jane that Mr. Brocklehurst is disliked by the girls and that they would only have disliked Jane if he had given her special preference.
  3. The unsanitary conditions at the school coupled with its damp and swampy location prove to be a breeding ground for disease. That the girls are unhealthy and undernourished makes them especially susceptible to getting sick.
  4. Jane, being a child, doesn’t understand what consumption is and thinks it is a much less serious illness than typhus.
  5. Helen believes that death will bring the end of worldly suffering and deliver her home to God. As a result, she does not fear her impending death.
  6. Mr. Brocklehurst is demoted once people learn about the way he ran Lowood. The school is then relocated and managed by a committee, providing a much better standard of living for the girls.
  7. Jane has learned to control her inner passion and now appears quiet and subdued to others.
  8. After Miss Temple marries and leaves the school, Jane realizes that she, too, wants to leave.
  9. Bessie comes to see Jane before she leaves Lowood. Jane reveals that she has not had any contact with anyone else from Gateshead during her time at the school.
  10. Bessie believes John Eyre to be Jane’s uncle on her father’s side. He came to Gateshead looking for Jane, and they speculate that he may be a wine merchant.

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