Chapters 4-6 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Who is Mr. Brocklehurst?
  2. Why does Jane get upset with Mrs. Reed?
  3. How does Bessie react to Jane’s imminent departure for school?
  4. Why can’t Helen wash her fingernails?
  5. What does Jane learn from Helen about Lowood School?
  6. What does Miss Temple do that makes the students happy?
  7. Who is Miss Scatcherd?
  8. What prompts Jane to start up a conversation with Helen?
  9. What is Helen’s attitude toward Miss Scatcherd?
  10. Does Jane agree with Helen’s beliefs?

Quiz Answers

  1. Mr. Brocklehurst runs Lowood, a school for girls.
  2. Jane is offended that Mrs. Reed told Mr. Brocklehurst that Jane is deceitful; Jane is actually honest.
  3. Bessie becomes kinder to Jane and says that though she knows Jane’s life is difficult, she wishes Jane would be a little bolder and stand up for herself more.
  4. Helen cannot wash properly because the water in the wash bin in the dormitory froze solid.
  5. Jane learns that Lowood is a charitable institution for orphans rather than a regular school.
  6. Around midday, Miss Temple orders that the girls get bread and cheese to make up for their inedible breakfast of burnt porridge.
  7. Miss Scatcherd is one of the teachers at Lowood. She is cruel and strict, often singling Helen out for punishment.
  8. Jane is encouraged when she sees Helen reading a book, as reading is also an activity that Jane enjoys.
  9. Helen does not hate Miss Scatcherd, despite Miss Scatcherd’s cruel treatment of her. Helen tells Jane that she believes one should endure suffering without complaint and try to love and forgive one’s enemies.
  10. Jane does not agree with Helen’s attitude of Christian forgiveness and tells her that one should strike back against someone who unjustly abuses them.

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