Chapters 36-38 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why is Jane shocked when she sees Thornfield?
  2. How did the fire start?
  3. What happened to Mr. Rochester in the fire?
  4. What happened to Bertha Rochester?
  5. What is Mr. Rochester’s reaction to Jane’s arrival?
  6. How does Mr. Rochester react to hearing about St. John?
  7. Why doesn’t Jane tell Mr. Rochester that she also heard his voice?
  8. What becomes of Adèle?
  9. What becomes of St. John, Diana, and Mary?
  10. From when has Jane been narrating the story?

Quiz Answers

  1. Jane is shocked to see that Thornfield has been destroyed by a great fire.
  2. The fire was started by Bertha, who snuck out of the attic while Grace Poole was drunk.
  3. Mr. Rochester was struck by a beam as the house collapsed. This caused him to lose a hand as well as his eyesight.
  4. After starting the fire, Bertha Rochester went up to the roof and leapt to her death.
  5. Mr. Rochester is overjoyed that Jane has returned but also fears that it is merely a dream.
  6. Mr. Rochester is quite jealous when Jane describes St. John, and he even accuses Jane of being in love with him.
  7. Jane keeps the mysterious voice to herself because she fears that Mr. Rochester can’t handle that information in his fragile mental state.
  8. Jane retrieves Adèle from her school because she feels it is too harsh for her. Adèle is resettled in a much more lenient and nearby school, which she enjoys. She grows up to be a good companion to Jane.
  9. Diana and Mary make good marriages and visit Jane regularly. St. John never marries and stays in India, where it is suggested he will soon die.
  10. It is revealed in the epilogue that Jane is telling the story after having been married to Mr. Rochester for ten happy years.

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