Chapters 30-31 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What does Diana teach Jane?
  2. Why is it difficult for Jane to befriend St. John?
  3. What prompts Jane to ask whether St. John has found a position?
  4. Why does St. John think Jane will dislike the position he has to offer?
  5. Who is Miss Oliver?
  6. Why are Mary and Diana so sad to part with St. John?
  7. Why were the Rivers disappointed when they learned that their uncle John had died?
  8. Why is Jane disappointed in herself at her new job?
  9. What does St. John reveal about his past?
  10. What does Jane suspect after hearing Miss Oliver and St. John’s conversation?

Quiz Answers

  1. Diana teaches Jane German.
  2. St. John is rarely home, and Jane observes that when he is around, he is very quiet and reserved.
  3. Diana and Mary are about to return to their old governess positions, which prompts Jane to ask St. John about a position for herself.
  4. St. John worries that Jane will not like the position because it is humble and she will not be able to use a great deal of her higher learning.
  5. Miss Oliver is the daughter of the wealthy Mr. Oliver, who owns the needle factory in town. She is the benefactress of the girls’ school at which Jane teaches.
  6. Mary and Diana suspect that St. John will go into missionary work and are upset to think that this may be the last time they will see him for several years—or possibly ever.
  7. The Rivers had hoped that their uncle John would leave them a portion of his inheritance, but he gave the bulk away to an unknown relation and left them only enough to buy mourning rings.
  8. Jane admits that she feels degraded in her new position. She knows that this is wrong of her, and she is disappointed that she feels this way.
  9. St. John reveals that he was once desperately unhappy because he felt he had chosen the wrong profession.
  10. Jane suspects that St. John and Miss Oliver have feelings for one another after watching them interact.

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