Chapters 28-29 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why must Jane exit the coach?
  2. Why doesn’t Jane have any food or money?
  3. What does Jane try to use in place of money?
  4. Why are people suspicious of Jane when she tries to beg?
  5. What are the occupations of Diana, Mary, and St. John Rivers?
  6. Why is the Rivers family staying at Moor House?
  7. Why is Jane upset with Hannah?
  8. Why must the Rivers children work for a living?
  9. What does Jane tell the Rivers family her name is?
  10. What does Jane ask St. John for?

Quiz Answers

  1. Jane had to exit the coach because she did not have the money to go farther.
  2. Jane spent all her money paying the coach driver and then accidentally left her sack of provisions in the coach.
  3. Jane attempts to sell her gloves and handkerchief to a woman for some bread, but they are not accepted.
  4. People find Jane’s begging suspicious because she is wearing fine clothes and is clearly educated.
  5. Diana and Mary are governesses, while St. John Rivers is a parson.
  6. The Rivers family is staying at Moor House temporarily because it was the home of their father, who very recently died.
  7. Jane is upset that Hannah acted so uncharitably toward Jane when she thought she was a beggar. Jane tells Hannah that her behavior was unchristian, and Hannah agrees.
  8. The Rivers must work for a living because their father lost his fortune on a bad business deal and left nothing for them to inherit.
  9. Jane introduces herself as “Jane Elliott.” Though she refuses to tell them her real name, she does admit that “Jane Elliott” is an alias.
  10. Jane asks St. John to help her find work so that she can support herself.

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