Chapters 26-27 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why doesn't Mr. Rochester notice the strangers outside the church?
  2. Who is Mr. Briggs?
  3. Who is Bertha Mason?
  4. Why did no one in town know that Mr. Rochester had a wife?
  5. What is Grace Poole's real job?
  6. How did Mr. Mason know about the wedding?
  7. What does Mr. Rochester urge Jane to do?
  8. Why doesn't Mr. Rochester consider Bertha his wife?
  9. Why does Jane decide to leave Thornfield?
  10. What does Jane dream about, and what does it prompt her to do?

Quiz Answers

  1. Mr. Rochester is hurrying Jane into the church, which is why he doesn't notice the two men outside.
  2. Mr. Briggs is Mr. Mason's solicitor and the one who stops the wedding to reveal that Mr. Rochester is already married.
  3. Bertha Mason is Mr. Rochester's wife. They married in Jamaica, and after she lost her mind, Mr. Rochester confined her to Thornfield.
  4. Mr. Rochester only told a doctor and Grace Poole that Bertha was his wife when he moved to Thornfield. Many of the servants believed Bertha to be a half-sister or former mistress.
  5. Grace Poole's actual job is to take care of Bertha and make sure she does not escape the attic.
  6. Mr. Mason is an acquaintance of John Eyre's. When John Eyre mentioned Jane's forthcoming marriage, Mr. Mason quickly intervened.
  7. Mr. Rochester begs Jane to come with him to the south of France and live as his wife.
  8. Mr. Rochester feels he was tricked into the marriage because no one told him that Bertha's family was predisposed to mental illness. Shortly after they were married, Bertha's condition began to worsen until she became fully mad.
  9. Jane decides that she must respect herself and therefore cannot stay and become Mr. Rochester's mistress.
  10. Jane has a dream in which her mother warns her to flee temptation, which prompts her to leave Thornfield immediately.

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