Chapters 23-25 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Where is the position that Mr. Rochester has found Jane?
  2. Why does Jane initially reject Mr. Rochester's proposal?
  3. What happens to the tree that Mr. Rochester proposed under?
  4. Why is Mrs. Fairfax treating Jane coldly?
  5. What about Mr. Rochester's behavior after their engagement makes Jane nervous?
  6. What did Jane dream about?
  7. How does Jane know that the strange woman in her room was real?
  8. How does Mr. Rochester explain the woman in Jane's room?
  9. When does Mr. Rochester promise to explain his decision to keep Grace Poole at Thornfield?
  10. Why does Jane write to her uncle?

Quiz Answers

  1. He claims to have found her a governess position at Bitternut Lodge in Ireland.
  2. Jane initially rejects Mr. Rochester because she believes he is only teasing her.
  3. During the night, the tree is struck by lightning and split in two.
  4. Mrs. Fairfax saw Jane and Mr. Rochester kissing and embracing but did not realize that they were engaged.
  5. Mr. Rochester insists on bringing Jane fine jewels and expensive dresses, both of which make her very uncomfortable.
  6. Jane dreams that she is holding an infant while watching Mr. Rochester travel away from her.
  7. Jane knows that a woman really came into her room because her veil is still ripped on the floor in the morning.
  8. Mr. Rochester says that the woman must have been Grace Poole and that Jane, being half asleep, must not have recognized her.
  9. Mr. Rochester vows to explain his decision regarding Grace Poole after he and Jane have been married for one year and one day.
  10. Jane writes to her uncle in the hope of securing a small inheritance, which she thinks might make her feel more equal to Mr. Rochester.

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