Chapters 20-22 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Who screamed and woke up Thornfield Hall?
  2. Why does Jane not believe Mr. Rochester’s story about the servant having a nightmare?
  3. Why doesn’t Mr. Rochester want to give Jane her full wages before she leaves?
  4. What caused Mrs. Reed to fall ill?
  5. How are Georgiana and Eliza different from one another?
  6. How does Jane feel about Mrs. Reed now?
  7. What does Mrs. Reed reveal to Jane?
  8. Why was Mrs. Reed so hard on Jane?
  9. Why is it significant that Mr. Rochester has bought a carriage?
  10. What does Jane recommend Mr. Rochester do about Adèle when he is married?

Quiz Answers

  1. Mr. Mason was stabbed and bit, causing him to yell out.
  2. Jane’s room is directly below Mr. Mason’s, and she heard a scuffle and voices that she knows could not have been caused by a nightmare.
  3. Mr. Rochester says, somewhat jokingly, that Jane will be forced to come back soon because she will need the rest of her money.
  4. Mrs. Reed had a stroke after hearing of the death of her son, John Reed.
  5. Georgiana is beautiful, outgoing, and vain, while Eliza is plain, religious, and prefers to remain isolated.
  6. Jane has forgiven her aunt for all of the terrible things she has done and genuinely wants to reconcile with her before she dies.
  7. Mrs. Reed reveals that Jane’s uncle John Eyre asked to adopt Jane three years ago, and she told him Jane died at Lowood.
  8. Mrs. Reed reveals that she was always bothered by the favoritism her husband showed Jane.
  9. Mr. Rochester’s purchase of a carriage signals his intent to marry soon.
  10. Jane tells Mr. Rochester that Adèle should be sent away to school.

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